Recent Projects and our Experience

NCC LIMITED     (NAGARRJUNA CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LTD.)                            Date- 28-07-2011

NGHC Hotwar Kheal Gano Ranchi                                           Multi Story Residential Flats

Nature of Job

  1. Cement Grouting of Lift Pits, Sunken Slabs, Overhead Tanks and STP etc.
  2. Expansion Job by applying Polysulphide and other compounds.
  3. Injection Grouting by Epoxy & Cement Grouting for crack repairing in Structures.
  4. Elastomeric waterproofing compound application for roof waterproofing.
  5. Crystalline waterproofing compound application in water tanks.
  6. Brick-coba job for new roofs as second order dated 15th December 2012
  7. Other waterproofing job 3rd order 4th January 2013.
  8. The work order has been increased because of letter of Satisfaction given by NCC in 2012.

KBK CHEM-Engineering PVT.  LTD.( Group of Renuka Sugars Ltd)                             18th Jan 2013.

This was our second Industrial Assignment in sugar plant at Sugauli near railway station.

Waterproofing job in (A) Gas Holding Tank, (B) Clarifier Area, (C) Bio Mithnisation Plant & (D) Mithnisation Paint wash Lagoon grouting point. It’s very different type of Job.

MacNally Bharat Engineering Company Limited                                                             22nd February 2016

We did The Job of Roof waterproofing 0f Dwelling units at R& R colony for NTPC Pakhri Garwadhi Coal Mine.


New Way Homes Pvt. Ltd.                                                                                                     21st  October 2017

Project name – Greenarch, Greater Noida West,

Our team continued for almost Three years work with a group of 7 to 8 persons,

  1. Toilet waterproofing & Khudda Packing.
  2. Waterproofing of Sunken slab and down slab Kitchen Area, a big massive quantity.
  3. Waterproofing of Over Head Tank

Gammon Engineers & Contractor Private Limited                                                          May 31st2018

107 MLD Capacity water supply project for Guwahati City

Working area was clarifier,  

Nature of Job

  1. Cementisious Injection Grout 2500- Points
  2. Crack Repairing by Grove Cutting 1000 Rmt

and filling with Spl. Sika Mortar

  1. PMM work for Honeycombing area 900 Sq. Mtr
  2. Application of Micro concrete for 35 MQ

Repairing of damage concrete and

Some Structural issues rehabilitation 

  1. PU Grouting for High pressure points 450 Points

And seepage points after cement grout

Broad Way Links PVT. LTD. (BLPL)                                                                       Date- 26TH November 2018




Job details: – Vertical grove cutting 15mm x 100mm deep cleaning and filling with local sand and            

                              Hot bitumen mixture as per details given

  1. Grove cutting in bed-                                              `              51597 Rmt
  2. Grove cutting in Slope of 65 degree angle- 9546 Rmt
  3. Canal repair job with cement injection grout

Along with Micro-Concrete and Mortar of High strength       1790 Sq. Mtr.

Broad Way Links PVT. LTD. (BLPL)          



Job Details:-

  1. Roof waterproofing treatment by application of 3mm APP

 (Super Thermo lay)        3700 Sq. Meter

  1. Followed by Leveling Screed from 275mm to 25mm thickness.
  2. 5mm x 10mm grove cutting on screed with 1.25 Sq. Meter size and grove are to be filled by PU Grouting Material.